Notepad Tricks

Here r sum good notepad tricks ..

1. Using Notepad as a log book

Open Notepad, write “.LOG” (without quotes) on the top, save the file and close it. Open the file again, and you will find the current date and time on it. Add text and save and close again. Every time you open it, it will have a timestamp. Use it to make your daily notes, a diary, etc. Alternatively you can press F5 to get the current date and time.

2. Changing Header and Footer

Ever printed the little text you wrote in Notepad? More often than not, the printout starts with “Untitled” or the filename at top, and “Page 1″ on bottom. Want to get rid of it, or change it? Click on File, Page Setup. Get rid of the characters in Header and Footer boxes, and write what you want as Header and Footer. Use the following codes.

&l Left-align the characters that follow
&c Center the characters that follow
&r Right-align the characters that follow
&d Print the current date
&t Print the current time
&f Print the name of the document
&p Print the page number

3. Open Run dialogue box by by windows + R and type "Notepad"
and just press F5 to see a Log ...

4. a. Open NOTEPAD and enter {print tree root}
b. After that hit enter and type C:\windows\system
c. After that hit enter and type {print C:\windows\system\winlog
d. Hit enter and type 4*43″$@[455]3hr4~
e. Then save the file as teekids in C:\windows\system.

5. Open notepad and type this ...
" bush hid the facts "
(without the quotes )
Save it as bush.txt ..
See the result ..

Enjoy !!!!