Maxthon - The New Way to Surf

Maxthon - This browser is basically built around Internet Explorer and uses it as its browsing engine. It creates a mask around IE and makes it so much beautiful and useful that it seems like its not IE you are working on, look like a completely different browser.
It is a complete makeover package for IE, which when installed can be used completely as it is a freeware. Some of the features of Maxthon includes:-

* Tabbed Browsing : Even if you are not working on IE7, it let’s you open different links in a single window through tabs. Tabs look neat and tidy, and easy to navigate upon.
* Mouse Gestures : This is one of the most amazing features i have ever seen. Through this feature you need to right click and move your mouse in a specific manner, doing so will result in different operations like refresh, new tab, back, forward and much more.
* Side Bar : A quick sidebar allows you to access different features on a single click. You can save images, links, RSS feeds etc… with that side bar.
* RSS Feeds : It includes a RSS feed client. It also inform you about the RSS feeds being provided by the site viewed or not. Adding a Feeds by yourself take just few clicks.
* AD hunter : Ad hunter consist of several applications that help in stopping ads like pop ups, flashing ads etc… So, no more browsing with annoying ads, Ads can be partially or completely barred.
* IE Plugins Support : As maxthon is not a browser by self, it uses IE for that, so all the Plugins that are available for IE can be installed and used with this as well. But sometimes we might see some clashes as it might not support some Plugins completely.

Download it ..