Yahoo! Messenger for the Web - BETA Edition ..

Yahoo! has come with another idea of Messenger for the web. This messenger works like a normal Yahoo messenger from four Web Browsers namely Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera. You don’t need any kind of downloads and just start chatting instantly with your friends. You can even chat with your Windows live Messenger friends. Not only that it is available in almost every country and in multiple languages.

Yahoo! Web Messenger

You can talk to multiple friends within the tabular frame. Scripting Done for this tool seems to be really nice and you will like the overall feel at first go.
You will see that it is not completely a Messenger but definitely a better chat service as what GMail provides. You need to open a separate window but yet again the options and tools you get in Yahoo messenger proves that it is the best Web Messenger on the net.
Also don’t forget, it’s a Beta version out there. We still need to wait for the full version to be released.

Use your Yahoo! web messenger ..