Search Rapidshare

Rapidshare filesharing service is one of the greatest site for sharing any type of files like softwares, games, videos, mobile softwares, ebooks and any format for free.
Here are some tricks that would help you easily find free files that are uploaded in rapidshare servers and are available for free download.

Effectively search in top search engines like Google ..

Suppose you want to download free mp3s from or then you can broaden your search to get all rapidshare links to download mp3s from rapidshare server the file name mainly is like this filename[singer music name album].mp3 and hence link name is like[singer music name album].mp3 (obviously .com is sometimes .de and link may end with .mp3.html or .rar.html .zip.html but the keyword mp3 is anyhow present in the filename and the link)
Search rapidshare by typing following search terms in google search

“” mp3 or “”+ mp3
“” mp3
(any of these will search mp3 files or music uploaded in rapidshare and u’ll get links to blogs-sites where these links are present)

Try following search terms in google search .. mp3 or mp3 (for new files )

(it’ll search for keyword mp3 in all and .com links in that domain i.e all rapidshare links with mp3 as a word in it here rapidshare links will appear as search results but it doesn’t cover all links)

Try following search term in google search or others ..

inurl:mp3 or
inurl:mp3 (for files on new

Note: inurl will search for the URLs that contains the specified keywords(here in above example mp3 is keyword) only, while the other searches will search for all the keywords in that domain.



September 19, 2007 at 1:08 PM

there is a good site to search rapidshare/megaupload files: