Samsung ML-1630 and SCX-4500: Printers that bring sexy back

Finally it's been done. Somebody's made printers that don't look rubbish! We'd begun to think it was a lost cause, but mad props to Samsung -- its new luxury printers look absolutely flippin' stunning.

The ML-1630 mono laser (pictured top) and SCX-4500 all-in-one (pictured bottom) are similar in shape to a DVD player or component hi-fi system, and are finished in the same glossy piano-black veneer as Samsung's TVs.

They also have blue touch-sensitive buttons and a sexy LED-style display. These show letters and numbers made of oversize circular dots -- a bit like on the Samsung YP-K3 MP3 player.

Unfortunately, they only print in black and white, and despite that, their print speed is limited to just 16 pages per minute. Samsung says a colour-enabled version would have to be twice as thick, ruining the overall aesthetic.

All this raises the question: in a market that's dominated by feature-packed, low-cost boxes, who's going to buy such a slow, and probably pricey printer -- even if it is good looking? Us, you fools! And so should you, unless you have an unhealthy obsession with beige.

The ML-1630 will be priced at US$199 while the SCX-4500 will be priced at US$299 .