LaCie Launches Biggest Quadra with 4TB Storage Capacity

LaCie has unveiled the Biggest Quadra, a quadruple interface, 4-disk RAID solution for offices. The storage offers the capacity of 4TB and is compatible with FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces.

Besides, the 4TB storage solution supports RAID levels 0, 0+1 and 5, also RAID 5+hot spare, thus users can choose whichever configuration is best for them based on security, speed, capacity or combination of all three.

Besides, the Biggest Quadra automatically shuts down when the temperature rises above 55 degrees Celsius. Also, in case of a drive fail, insertion of a new drive, the Biggest Quadra automatically rebuilds data.

LaCie is shipping this huge storage capacity device with Retrospect Express for Mac and Windows.

One of the key advantages of the Biggest Quadra is that it features plug and play and driver-free operations. Thus it is easy to install the device. Also, the backup and recovery software will be bundled with the solution.

LaCie will ship Biggest Quadra in October. The 4TB capacity model will be available at the price of US $2,199 (approx Rs. 90,000), while the 2TB and 3TB capacity models will be priced at US $1,099 (approx Rs. 44,980) and US $1,599 (approx Rs. 65,450) respectively.