Download Media with Firefox add-ons

Here is a list of Firefox add-ons which can help you download media content from a website:

Amazing Media Browser - Scans a page for embedded media and helps you download the source files.

Download Embedded
- Provides the ability to download several forms of media.

Fast Video Downloader - Can save videos from around 60 video sites.

Download Helper
- Will extract content from many different sites.

UnPlug - Scans a web page for media players and tells you where the media files are stored so you can download them.

GetVideo - Provides access to the direct path to get the video.

Google Video Downloader - Adds a button to the status bar to save videos from Google Video.

Media Pirate - The Video Downloader - Gives you the ability to save videos from approximately a dozen sites.

PimpFish Basic Toolbar - Capture video files from numerous sites.

Video Download - Adds a simple right click command to download videos from numerous sites.