Facebook hacks

Here is a collection of ways to modify your Facebook .
The scripts in these hacks require Firefox. Firefox is a free web-browsing program similar to Internet Explorer with additional security features and options.
After you install Firefox, you’ll need Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML (”user scripts”) to any web page to change its behavior .
Download Greasemonkey .

After you’ve installed Firefox and Greasemonkey, you can install these scripts:

  • AutoLogin: Facebook autologin automatically logs you in to Facebook (it stops asking you to log in every time!)
  • Change the color of Facebook: This script changes the default color of your Facebook. By modifying the code you can make it whatever color scheme you want.

Tiled Friends View :
Did you know it's possible to view all your friends at once in a big, tiled mosaic format ? It's also very simple! Here is how to do it -

1.) Go to MY FRIENDS on the main Facebook menu on the top/left of the page.

2.) From the "SHOW" drop-down menu in the top/left, select the dashed lines "—-"

3.) DONE!!
NOTE: If you have A LOT of friends, it might take a little while to load up as it shows ALL of your friends at once.

Which Facebook Member Are You ?
It's possible to find out which Facebook member number you are, and also how many people use Facebook at your school.

There's a simple method to find out:

1.) Identify your Facebook ID.
This is a 7-digit number you can view in the URL box of your browser by clicking "My Profile" or clicking on one of your friends profile.
It should look like this:

2.) Compare several Facebook ID numbers.
Get two or three Facebook ID numbers and find the COMMON NUMBER, this will be your school's ID code. For example, The Univeristy of Texas has a school code 79.

3.) DONE!
Once you know the school code, the remaining numbers are your Facebook signup number. So in the example above, the numbers would be like this:

7949314 = The 49,314th person to sign up at UT.
7920636 = The 20,636th person to sign up at UT.
7921677 = The 21,677th person to sign up at UT.