Brando unveils two-in-one Casio USB Label Mouse

Brando has started offering the Casio USB label mouse. It’s nothing but a two-in-one product that can be used as a USB mouse as well as label printer.

Some of the features of the Casio USB label mouse are:
# Fast installation
# Compact, space saving design
# Prints using any TrueType font installed on your PC
# Creates labels for binders, video cassettes, audio cassettes etc
# Prints characters in any language whose TrueType fonts are installed on your PC
# Prints the current date and time on your PC
# Preset label templates for automatic typeface and font size settings
# Print System: Thermal
# Print Width: Approx. 8mm maximum
# Print Length: Approx. 50mm maximum
# Power Consumption: 2.5W (Supplied via USB port)

Even after featuring two functions, the mouse is as light as 184gms.

The only disadvantage of the Casio USB label mouse could be that the fact that thermal printing is not so cheap. The thermal roll paper is available in the US market at the price of $14 (approx Rs. 550) for a pack of 3, while the mouse costs $29 (approx Rs. 1,140).