Nokia N77 - Mobile TV is here

I just got my hands on the Nokia N77. The N77 is just another addition to the Nokia Nseries. It has a wide 2.4" flat screen supporting up to 16 million colors. The device comes bundled with a data cable and a set of earplugs. The phone is light-weight and exhibits some new & interesting features.

The newest feature in this Nseries phone is the Mobile TV. The N77 has an integrated Digital Video Broadcast - Handheld (DVB-H) receiver that enables it to receive live digital TV broadcasts. Through the Mobile TV application, one can watch and listen to digital TV programs. You get the option to subscribe to channels or programs of your choice.
Though the Mobile TV is something new in the N77, there are signal problems which restrict you from sitting inside any corner of your house and watching your favorite program or channel. Hope Nokia takes care of that in the upcoming phones supporting Mobile TV.

The device has two cameras, a high resolution one on the back of the phone and a low resolution one on the front. The main camera is a 2 megapixel one and supports an image capture resolution of 1600*1200 pixels. The image quality is good. The device also has an in-built flash which is available only in the main camera. You can also use the self timer which is available to both the cameras.

The phone offers excellent sound quality. It has two speakers, one at the top and other at the bottom giving you a sort of surround sound. The Music player included in the phone is good and gives various like the equalizer, shuffle play and more. The Music player supports file formats such as AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, WMA, WAV, 3GP, 3GPP, MPEG, MP4, M4A, DCF and M3U.
The phone also has the Visual Radio service which can be used as a traditional FM radio with automatic tuning, or with parallel visual information related to the radio program on the display, if you tune to stations that offer Visual Radio Service.

The N77 has Flash Player with which you can view, play and interact with compatible flash files made for mobile devices. There is a 3-D tones application also. With this you can enable three-dimensional sound effects for ringing tones. Real Player is also included among the applications and supports files with extensions .mp4 or .rm. Other apps include Adobe Reader and Office Products.

As usual, a browser is present in the phone but now you can subscribe to your favorite Web Feeds using your phone and download the latest content on it. So, you can subscribe to Tech Check directly on the N77.
Download! (Network service) is also included. It is a mobile content shop available on your device, You can browse, download and install items such as applications and media file to your device from the internet.

Mobile Search lets you access search engines and find and connect to local services, websites, images, and mobile content. Yahoo! Search and Windows Live search are among the search engines provided by the phone.

The N77 has 36mb phone memory but you always have the option of adding a microSD card and increasing available memory for data, music and software applications. The phone does not come with a memory card. Nokia should have included one.

The phone initial cost was around £500. It has become cheaper now.
Overall, the N77 has something new like the Mobile TV but there are limitations to it also.
A high resolution camera like the N95's 5MP camera could have been added. Moreover, some may feel about the price factor also.
Otherwise, the phone is good and is not at all bulky. You get a lot of features in a compact phone.


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November 25, 2007 at 5:07 AM

N77 seems expensive.
I have been using N73.


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