Konami to release PES 2008 Handheld Versions

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced to release two new handheld versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, namely the PSP and Nintendo DS.

PSP and Nintendo DS handheld offer all the realism and intuitive controls that are associated with the series. However, the company said that it is within bespoke versions tailored for their host format. Both the handheld versions are developed by Konami’s football Studio based in Tokyo.

Featuring a lot of common features of the existing PlayStation 2 game, the PSP handheld version of PES 2008 comes with a variety of tournaments and leagues on offer. Moreover, it also provides an all-new World Tour mode that enables the user to set a series of challenges as he/she tour the globe.

When the player completes each task successfully, his/her chosen quad is unlocked and has to face further tests. PES 2008 also integrates Full Edit mode, allowing consumers to continue building their team, when they are away from the home system. For this specs, you need to thank the data sharing aspect that has been reworked. The PES 2008 also gives the opportunity to the user to exchange Master League information, League, World Tour and Cup Mode data between PSP and PlayStation 2 versions.

Coming to the Nintendo DS version of PES 2008, it contains Exhibition, Penalty Shoot-Out and Konami Cup elements. Furthermore, it also carries a variant on the World Tour system for the consumer to face elite teams from every continent.

Konami has utilized the wireless elements of the Nintendo DS along with a Network Mode, making it possible to enjoy multi-player games of up to four users with copies of game. It also allows consumers to play one-against-one matches with just one copy of PES 2008. Surprisingly, this game permits the players to trade other players with friends. The collected coins are then used to add the world’s best players to their team.

PES 2008 is currently available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PC-DVD. However, the handheld version of PES 2008 on PSP and Nintendo DS are expected to release by early 2008.



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