HP LP3065 - the 30-inch LCD

HP's 30-inch LCD monitor, the LP3065, shows impressive image quality. It sports a nice design and unique features that set it apart. Like other 30-inch displays, it's pricey, but it might be worth it if your work demands lots of screen real estate.

The LP3065 performed well in text and graphics tests, showing extremely sharp text in both a Microsoft Word document and an Excel spreadsheet. Black text on a white background was quite easy to read, even at very small font sizes. However, because of the display's high resolution of 2560 by 1600, icons and text can appear rather small. You can remedy this by increasing the font display size in Windows.

Colors on the LP3065 look bright and lively, both in photographs and on a screen of a Web site. Again, its high resolution helps the display excel at showing fine detail.

With three DVI ports, the LP3065 is more versatile than other displays--it can be hooked up to several PCs at once using a digital connection, which is a nice extra. All of the ports are dual-link DVI, so they all require a dual-graphics card setup. If you don't already have such a graphics card, you'll have to shell out for one to accommodate this monitor.

The LP3065 lacks an on-screen display (OSD) for adjusting the image--because no components yet exist that support its high resolution. HP states that future versions of the LP3065 will include an OSD. The only adjustment you can make is to brightness--several buttons on the front of the unit dial brightness up or down.

The monitor has a nice streamlined design, with a thin black bezel and a silver stand. It can tilt and swivel, but not pivot. It's also height-adjustable and wall-mountable.

But the LP3065 costs $1699, which is quite a bit for a display. Granted, you do get excellent image quality and lots of room to spread out in, and if you crave viewing detail in your photos and documents, the LP3065 might be worth the splurge.