Storage Capacity of iPhone, iPod Touch doubled

Apple has introduced iPhone and iPod Touch with double the previous storage capacity permitting it's new customers to spend $100 more and secure twice the storage for more music, movies, pictures, and podcasts than available with previous models. The price tag on both the 32GB iPod Touch the 16GB iPhone is $499.

Pricing on the existing iPod and iPhone models stays the same. But if you're going ahead for a new iPhone or iPod Touch, then spending $100 more to double your capacity accounts for a pretty good deal.

Certainly the larger capacities may enrage some existing iPhone and iPod Touch users as was the case when Apple slew the price of the iPhone.

Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of iPod and iPhone product marketing commented in the release, "For some users, there's never enough memory." This is without doubt true, especially with music collections shifting completely digital, but Greg, it still stabs those of us who picked up a 16GB iPod Touch barely months ago to have a new bigger and better model become accessible.

It's sort of funny to think over it. Isn't it a bit absurd to get upset over a product enhancement? After all, this is what companies as expected to be doing.


Joshua Williams

February 6, 2008 at 8:30 AM

It's sometimes annoying - when you get people roaring that it rules, then shame it when they find it has a limit. All products have theirs and expanding the storage capacity isn't as easy as sending out an software update.