Review: Infiniti II 95mW Green Laser Pointer

This is one of the coolest gadgets I've used in recent times. The gadget I'm talking about is an Infiniti II 95mW green laser pointer. Do not confuse it with the ordinary red laser children have in their hands, this thing is really powerful and way too different.

Before using the product I was wondering how far the laser would go but now I must say that it was beyond my expectations. The laser is damn good and can literally be seen for miles. The green laser looks really cool and can point out far off things quite easily.

The guys over at Tech Lasers say that it's a great tool for backyard astronomers. I have some interest in astronomy and thus took the laser on to the terrace at night time so as to try it for some star pointing. I was able to point out stars easily and it seemed as if the laser was reaching the stars.

Besides astronomy, this laser can even pop up balloons according to Tech Lasers. I didn't get time to pop a balloon but most probably this 95 mW laser will do it. Anyways not many of us would use it to burst balloons.

One caution you need to take while using the Infiniti II is that you must not point the laser into anyone's eyes. It can cause temporary or even permanent blindness.

After using the product I can say that this is something really cool and is better than many lasers present in the market.

Price: $299.99

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