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With heavy hitters like Dell, IBM, and Toshiba making laptop computers for less and less these days, is it any wonder that more and more of the populous is making the switch to computers that move just as fast as their users?

The perks of finding a good deal on a laptop are especially evident in these down trodden economic times, but like so many things… all good things must come to an end.

Not in the way of good deals, but rather sooner or later computers begin to wear down, especially with the creation of LCD monitors.

Users that find themselves particularly lucky can sometimes get as long as eight years out of their monitors before requiring repair, however those that aren’t as fortunate sometimes get as little as two years out of their machines before needing maintenance.

In steps the replacement LCD screen.

Starting at just $149.99, replacements can be a far better economic value for consumers than buying a new computer outright, and this can extend the life of a users machine, to maximize utility.

Using part number: B154EW01 as your reference you can access nearly three dozen top name replacement screens for most major brands including Toshiba, Compaq, Gateway, and Samsung.

Visit any major maker of laptops and compare the savings to that of new computer Sony, HP, or Dell.

Even on low end models the money saved can easily extend into the $300-400 range, making consumers all the smarter for making a thrifty buy.

Most availability is limited to 15.4 inch screens, but that is also one of the most commonly produced sizes for laptop monitors.

So unless you’ve made it a point to buy an especially large screen, or an especially small one, the fit and the savings should work perfectly.

Things to consider before making a purchase: it is ideal, and in many cases necessary to buy the replacement that is specific to your computer, so make sure you have the right make i.e. Dell, Samsung, Compaq, etc… and then the model number such as NX4000, M35, C1300D, and the screen size.

There is a good likelihood that the screen you need will fit many models, and this helps keep your replacement costs down. Many of the aforementioned Web sites can help you select your make and model if you don’t already know it.

In addition each of the replacements you can get here are new and come with their own one year warranty, so there is no need to worry about the very thing that made you buy a replacement in the first place.

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