Now you can access Netflix on Linux

Netflix on Linux

Netflix has never supported playback on Linux computers. While the company isn't officially ready to stream to you, a specially patched version of Wine will let you gain access to Netflix's vast library.

What is Wine?

Wine is basically a compatibility layer that allows you to run Windows apps under Linux.

Follow the steps below to access Netflix on a Linux machine:

1. Install Wine from its repo and apply the 5 different patches.

2. Run the Windows version of Firefox in Wine. (Firefox 14.0.1 only)

3. With this version of Firefox, install Microsoft's Silverlight 4.

4. Now access Netflix.

Magic! Netflix is up and running on your Linux machine.

For now, the hack is only confirmed to work on the 32-bit version of Ubuntu 12.10. Though it isn't long before it gets up and running on other distros as well.