Where to get Two Way Radios?

A reader tells us his two way radio story: 

"I own a small business, and we use two way radios on a regular basis for a variety of business tasks. My family also uses two way radios, especially when we are traveling. Since I buy a lot of two way radios, I am always looking for ways to save money on these purchases. I used to purchase them from a local retail store, but I became increasingly frustrated at the increasing prices and declining quality. Some of my two way radios were not even lasting a year, so I knew that I needed to find a new solution. I have started purchasing more and more of my business supplies online, so I decided to search the Internet for a purchasing solution for two way radios. 

After I browsed several websites, I came across Tech Wholesale. The whole website is dedicated to selling two way radios and other similar products, so the variety is really impressive. When I first visited Tech Wholesale, the number of product options seemed overwhelming. However, the website has helpful tools to help you select the right two way radios for your home or business. I did a quiz to find out what two way radio I should purchase, and the results were very helpful. The prices at Tech Wholesale are great, and the low prices are accompanied by great customer service. When I have questions, their knowledgeable employees are always ready to help. My orders ship quickly and securely. When I have had small problems or issues with the products, Tech Wholesale works with me until the problem is resolved."