Telesign's 2 Factor Authentication

Telesign's 2 factor authentication review :

As a business owner, I am always looking for new products and services that will help my business run more smoothly. I am also searching for services that can help correct problems that my business is having. A few months ago, my team members pointed out to me that our business was struggling because of fraudulent accounts. Most of our business takes place online, and we had some parties that were creating hundreds of fake accounts to take advantage of our promotions for new customers. We needed to find a way to drastically reduce the number of fraudulent accounts without causing unnecessary hardships for authentic new customers. When a representative from TeleSign contacted me, I knew we had found our solution.

TeleSign uses a 2 Factor Authentication process to ensure that our new accounts are genuine. After creating a username and password, customers must also complete a quick verification that takes place by phone. Since this process is all automated, it does not create any new work for my employees. It also only takes a few seconds for new customers to complete this process. After we had used TeleSign for three months, we were really impressed with the results. The number of fraudulent accounts in our system has greatly decreased, and we are no longer losing money because of people who create numerous accounts. I wish that we had found TeleSign sooner. Although we pay to use their service, TeleSign is saving my company money every day. I highly recommend this service.