TorGuard Anonymizes Your Web Browsing

Browsing anonymously is the latest trend for many Internet users, but it's actually been the way for a variety of personal and business users. Whether you simply want to download in private, browse to your favorite websites without being tracked or just anonymize your entire connection so you don't have to deal with companies trying to advertise to you, it's a win-win for anyone who uses TorGuard.

TorGuard offers so many valuable services to Internet users. You can purchase a private VPN or use secret torrent proxies in order to access your favorite sites without exposing all of your public information. It's also the best way to secure all of your data. TorGuard offers its services in over six countries, including the USA, Netherlands, Russia, Romania and New Zealand. Once you buy a VPN, you receive unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speeds and openVPN and PPTP. You can finally browse in peace knowing that no one can access your information. This is especially important to those who use a public WiFi connection. You can also mask your identity or create an entirely new online identity, as well as bypass censorship so you can browse the Internet without limitations. This is especially true for countries who block NetFlix, Hulu, Pandora and Facebook. Tired of getting those letters from your ISP? Use a TorGuard proxy and stop worrying!