Apple iPhone 5 Review

This October, Apple unveiled the smartphone we all had been waiting for – The iPhone 5. With a larger screen and a modified design, the iPhone 5 is Apple’s answer to Google’s ever growing Android army. I couldn’t resist the new Apple device and got myself a shiny new 32GB white iPhone 5. It’s been over a month using the latest iPhone and I feel it’s time for a review.


The first thing you notice when you hold the device is that how lightweight it is. Weighing at 112 grams, the iPhone 5 is 28 grams lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S (140 grams). Kudos to Apple for such a substantial reduction in the weight. Apart from being lighter, the phone looks classy and feels solid in the hand, thanks to its aluminium build.  It looks sleeker and thinner as well. The front side of the device looks more or less the same, it’s the backside that has been modified ....

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