Make Invoices Easily with Zoho Invoice

I've been doing freelance graphic design work for the past several years. Initially I didn't have the need to prepare invoices. I was used to verbal agreements and getting cash on the spot. More recently, however, my clientele has expanded outside of my immediate circles, and I've needed a more professional system for handling my money matters. I began to use the Zoho Invoice software after it was recommended to me by a fellow freelancer. I am very pleased with how this software worked out for me. I will always view myself as more of an artist than a business man, but with this software, I don't really have to worry about that. It painlessly creates professional invoices for my clients. I've also found the ability to automate payment reminders to be very helpful. People mean well, but sometimes they simply forget, and my payment falls to the wayside. The reminders help me keep a steadier cash flow. Having the software on my iPhone is also extremely convenient for when I do a job in-house. I highly recommend Zoho Invoice for freelancers and small businesses. I found it to be extremely professional and hassle-free. It has definitely helped streamline things as my business grows.