TGI ERP Software Package

A manager's review of the TGI ERP software package:

"I work as a manager at a large manufacturing firm, and it seems like our market is constantly changing. The economy is challenging, and businesses have to keep up with all of the changes to stay competitive. Last year, it became apparent to myself and several other managers that we needed to update our ERP software. Due to the size of our company, we knew that purchasing a new software package would be a big investment. We want to stretch our budget dollars as far as possible, so it was important that we selected the right ERP software.

I began my search by contacting TGI because they had been highly recommended by other manufacturing businesses. TGI is a well-respected company within the manufacturing and distribution circles. I liked that their products are specifically developed for our specific type of industry. We had a long list of questions about ERP software, and our TGI representative was able to answer all of them. We experienced excellent customer service from the first time we contacted the business. Our representative patiently explained the software options to us, and he let us know which package would work best without being pushy. After several months of research, we purchased a comprehensive ERP software package from TGI. We have been using the software for almost six months, and we are pleased with our investment. The software has made our day to day business tasks easier, and it has also greatly improved our reporting and record keeping capabilities."