Modern Car Audio Systems

Digital technology is now integrated into the interior of any new car. Drivers and passengers want to enjoy the highest quality audio with the most advanced sound system available on today's auto market. Pioneer car stereo is an example of a modern audio console solution for the latest passenger vehicles. A contemporary car stereo system usually has touchscreen technology that is now universal in smartphones and tablets. Such a stereo does not have a slot for CDs and cassettes.

Digital technology allows a car stereo to be synced with smartphones, portable media players and tablets for convenient play of one's favorite music. For example, smartphone apps allow for easy management of the car stereo controls such as navigating through playlists and adjusting the sound levels. A car audio system can be linked to digital radio applications such as Pandora for example. However, not all stereo systems are compatible with satellite radio reception.

Modern car stereos support the most popular audio formats such as MP3, WMA and AAC. These files can be easily transferred from MP3 players and other portable digital devices. Additionally, Bluetooth technology makes it possible for a driver to control the stereo system from buttons on the steering wheel. For instance, the steering mounted controls can be used to skip tracks and adjust the volume levels. Voice commands can also be used to control the car stereo. Last but not least, a vehicle stereo console should be linked to an advanced audio system featuring at least six speakers.