The Best Ground Support Units for Military Equipment

Keeping military equipment ready to take off at a moment's notice, requires lots of behind-the-scene maintenance. Checking fluid levels, restocking supplies, performing needed repairs, and cleaning, are just a few of the examples of what takes place while a craft sits idle. When an engine is turned off, so is the power supply. Ground support units provide the needed energy that is required to service a plane, ship, or military vehicles.

When Quality is a Necessity

Without power, many tasks could not be conducted and an urgent assignment could be stalled. The military is the prime protector of our nation and mistakes are not tolerated. Ground support units must be reliable and have the quality features to keep our military ready for action. Everything from frequency converters to battery chargers must be in good working condition in order to deliver.

Types of Products

Tough standards of the MIL-STD-704 dictate the types of equipment used for ground support unit converters. Trailer mounted units are NFPA 70 Article 500 Class 1 Div 2 compliant. Only manufacturers that meet or exceed these standards are considered for contracts with the military.

Power coils, that used to be part of a complex system of interconnection cables, power supply, and cable storage units, have been streamlined into one compact system, with the mobile or standing ground support units. This creates time-saving maneuvers in setup and eliminates different suppliers that once won contracts for several different pieces.

In addition, spare parts, battery chargers and carts, can be found with the ground support equipment at, an expert manufacturer in this area. Regardless of the location, type of carrier or vehicle, if standard units are not found to perform efficiently, new designs are created and delivered.

The US Military has high expectations for contractors in the form of certificates in aerospace and quality management systems. It takes a leader of state-of-the-art products through innovation to be able to deliver the type of disciplined needs set forth by the country's defense agency. The military is not the only application where ground support units are used. Any worldwide carrier of products or passengers can benefit from once of these complete, compact units. Companies that specialize in all realms of the ground support unit industry, need to take a close look at their operations and stay on top of cutting edge technology in order to keep existing customers.